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Meet our Singers: Sarah Phelps

Posted on by newVoices
Executive Director of newVoices, Jeanie Kurka Reimer, and Sarah Botsford-Phelps at a reception following our concert.

Executive Director of newVoices, Jeanie Kurka Reimer, and Sarah Botsford-Phelps (right) at a reception following our concert.

My name is Sarah Phelps and I have my mom and dad to thank for the privilege of growing up in a musical family. I was originally inspired to be a music therapist in 8th grade when my choir teacher and I started a program pairing regular education students with special education students in a hands-on music class. That music teacher was the first person to ever believe I had singing ability and she continues to be a mentor to me today.

I left my hometown of Waukesha and moved to the Fox Valley to attend Lawrence University and I liked it so much I decided to stay after graduating. While in school, I met my husband and partner in goofiness, who teaches high school English in Oshkosh. I love my job teaching K-6th grade music in the Appleton school district. While my students fill my days with hilarious stories, I also look forward to choir rehearsals on Sunday nights when I get to sing with my “big girl voice.” Rehearsals are a great time to step away from the hectic pace of life and connect with dear friends. I’m currently serving as the alto section leader and as the secretary of the newVoices council where it’s exciting to be more involved in the operations of the ensemble.

Before every performance my dad reminds me to “sparkle.”  While our fabulous new uniforms take care of the shimmer, making music allows me to express what cannot be said through words, to connect deeply with those around me and to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

3 Responses to Meet our Singers: Sarah Phelps

Katie says: September 27, 2013 at 12:34 am

A spark of creation, one might say. I am proud of you, sisterlady. You are truly an inspiration to those around you. And your singing voice is like honey in a cup of hot tea–I am not really sure what this metaphor means, but it sure is a treat to hear you sing.

Mary Frei says: September 27, 2013 at 1:48 am

The first concert I heard Sarah sing at, left me in total awe of her talent. Where did that “big” sound come from this person? So totally talented and dedicated music teacher. So happy she is family and that this woman is in a this new adventure with newVoices.


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