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SING with us!

Auditions for newVoices will continue as needed throughout the 2017-18 season.  All singers interested in joining us, please fill out the “Audition Application Submission Form” below. If you do not receive a response from your submission within three business days, please contact us at audition@newvoiceschoir.org

Singers auditioning should prepare on of two predetermined songs to demonstrate musicianship – line, legato, direction, tonechristine quality. Be prepared to sight read, vocalize throughout your range, be tested on your rhythmic, and tonal recall abilities. Click on the following links for more information and instructions. Once we have your audition request on file, we will review and contact you.

Member Expectations 2017-2018 – (updated 05/12/2017) – includes anticipated Rehearsal/Concert Schedule information
Audition Instructions and Song Choices and song choices:  Danny Boy and Beautiful Dreamer

Member Commitments 

Members must be a high school graduate (or equivalent) and 18 years of age or older and be prepared to participate professionally and constructively in all rehearsals and concerts.

chris jensenMembers commit to singing for the entire performance season, which runs from September through mid-May. (We will consider partial season commitment for special circumstances, such as participation in the major choral/orchestral masterwork.)

Members support the ensemble through ticket sales and volunteer efforts.

Women will need to purchase our specific uniform/costume, which consists of a blue jacket, long black skirt, black shell, and necklace. Approximate cost is $140, plus alterations.

Men will need to provide their own black tuxedo (either purchased or rented). In addition, they will need to purchase a specific black shirt, long black tie, and pocket square (which matches the women’s jacket color). Cost for the additional items is approximately $50.

Spring masterwork members will have special accommodations for costumes.  Accepted singers will receive further direction at the beginning of the rehearsal cycle.

Members are expected to communicate as needed, with our Artistic Director/Conductor, Assistant Conductor(s), our Executive Council, your Section Rep and Section Leader, the newVoices office, and our Board of Directors.

Audition Application Submission Form

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