Not one note is sung, not one piece of music is purchased, and not one concert is staged without the support of our most important members—our donors. Your annual sustaining gift allows us to fulfill our mission and continue to enrich the culture of Northeast Wisconsin.

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Individually, each of our 90+ singers volunteers hours in rehearsal, performance, outreach to the community, artistic leadership, and in operational support of our organization. We estimate each singer volunteers 100 hours per concert cycle. Underwriting these efforts shows you support live. local music and the efforts of these talented individuals within our communities. For a donation of $150/singer you can sponsor the singer of your choice–or even sponsor an entire section. You will be acknowledged in our concert program and earn the undying thanks of our ensemble!

Check out our roster of singers and see if you can find someone you know. Perhaps your kids’ teacher? Your worship director at church? Your neighbor? Even a family friend!

Why does newVoices need YOUR support?

You may wonder why a choir needs donations, but most of our expenses are directly related to programming. Ticket sales and program sponsorships only underwrite a portion of our expenses. To keep live choral music accessible in our community consider this:

  • Music is one of our largest expenses.Purchasing one piece of music for 90 singers could be $250—and we program up to 16 songs in each concert. A gift of $250 would help underwrite the purchase of one new composition.
  • We rent our performance venues and costs continue to rise. A gift of $1,000 would underwrite a portion of site rental.
  • The programs you enjoy are made possible by our talented and experienced artistic director, accompanist, and associate conductor. Their work directly supports the programming we provide to our community.

We exist solely on the support of our donors and sponsors who believe in our mission and our organization. Without their ongoing support, we could not sustain this choir that has become a cultural asset for our region for more than 40 years.

Support newVoices through a one-time donation or recurring gift online.
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111 W. College Avenue, 4th Floor, Appleton, WI 54911

We have opportunities to suit every philanthropic budget. If you are seeking to support newVoices in a more meaningful manner with a major gift, we encourage a conversation with a member of our Board of Directors.

For further information about supporting newVoices, please contact:

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