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Many have asked us–just how do you create a program around homelessness? Perhaps no one can explain it better than our Artistic Director, Phillip Swan. Before reviewing hundreds of music possibilities, he gets to the root of the issue and explains his process in this short video:

As always, we present a range of musical styles in all of our programs. In “Home: Where is your Heart?” we will be presenting music from Renaissance composers to contemporary choral composers so you can experience the depth of the choral art form. All of the selections reflect on the issues faced by those dealing with housing insecurity–and exactly what makes a home to each individual. Of special note, we will be presenting the debut performance of American composer Dominic DiOrio’s “Change My Sorrow Into Song,” a piece that was jointly commissioned by newVoices and 13 other member choirs of Chorus America.

Also on the program, the American spiritual “Wayfaring Stranger” which newVoices performed several years ago. A sample for you:

The following videos are not performed by newVoices, but they are samples of the selections we will be singing. The first is a powerful piece by contemporary composer Joan Szymko based on quotes of Mother Teresa: “If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Remember. All works of love are works of peace.”

Another selection is the melodic piece “I Carry Your Heart with Me” based on a poem by e.e. cummings:

For more information on the types of music we sing, please visit our YouTube page. 

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